​Our Paralegals:

Why Hire Paralegals:

Our paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. You're in good hands with us.

​​​​​We have experienced paralegals working continuously to help our Clients deal with their legal issues. Find out how our services can help you, or your business get on the right legal path. Let us help collect debts owed to you. Let us guide you through the necessary process, represent you, and help you find justice. We will put in the time and effort to ensure that you receive fair, honest and effective representation in the most professional and cost effective manner possible.

Our staff are committed to providing our clients with timely and reliable service, while listening to our clients concerns and helping them make informed decisions about their legal matter. We understand the importance of communication and understanding of the needs of each individual we represent, and will work closely with you to ensure that you understand each step of the process.

Here at ELM Legal Services, we understand that the legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Contact us instead.​

Call Today: 226.260.5985

Call Today: 226.260.5985



Our Team of Experienced Staff

Kira Passell

Kira Passell is the founding Paralegal of ELM Legal Services. Her area of expertise focuses on Landlord and Tenant matters, and other Administrative Tribunals, as well as Small Claims Court proceedings, and Debt Collection. She can also help you with Provincial Offences and Highway Traffic matters.

With over a decade of Property Management experience as a Regional Property Manager in Toronto and surrounding areas, Ms. Passell offers a unique perspective to each case. Then dealing with Landlord and Tenant matters specifically, She handles matters for both Landlord's and tenants.


We Care.

Our firm is designed to take care of our clients during their time of need. That includes offering free initial half-hour consultations. During the consultation, we will go over your matter with you and discuss your potential options.

​Meet our Team of Experienced Staff

​​​​Paralegals function as legal agents able to assist you in many areas by providing legal services at a fair and affordable rates. A Paralegal is an individual who is Licensed to provide legal representation to the public and is regulated by the Law Society Of Upper Canada and acts as a legal service provider and advocate.
Going to court can be a very expensive. At ELM Legal Services, we can help you reduce costs and procedural problems while saving you money.
Licensed Paralegals provide legal advice, represent you in proceedings related to your matter, draft and provide the necessary documents, provide legal research and negotiate on your behalf.


Paralegals receive training in certain areas of law and are licensed to offer service and legal representation in the areas of:
~Small Claims Court (claims up to $35,000)
~Provincial Offences Court (Traffic Tickets, Commercial Motor Vehicle Offences, Liquor Licence Act, By-Law Infractions)
~Various Administrative Tribunals (such as Landlord and Tenant, Workplace Safety and Ontario Human Rights complaints) 
~Summary Conviction in Criminal Court (maximum of 6 months imprisonment or $5,000 in fines)
~Commissioners of Oaths for the Province of Ontario

  • Sensitivity towards our clients
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Licensed and experienced paralegals
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Open communication
  • Accurate assessment of your claim
  • ​​Attention to detail